Exhibitor | GNH India | Hall B6, booth H-07

GNH India, a Global Source for Priority Medicines, ships over 1,35,000 product lines to more than 180 countries worldwide. It is a multifaceted pharmaceutical enterprise with presence in International distribution of Brands, Generics, Orphan drugs, name patient supplies and supply of RLD (Reference Listed Drugs) or Comparators to Indian developers CROs (Clinical Research Organisation). It operates from a State of the Art warehouse built to meet stringent regulations of cGDP by WHO (World Health Organisation).

GNH India provides the most comprehensive global clinical supply chain solution in the marketplace. With over 30 years of expertise, they are the torchbearer from India in the Global Pharma Wholesale Arena. Shipping to over 180 countries worldwide, GNH India has dedicated warehousing facility for storage of pharma products in compliance with GDP with regular inspections and monitoring.

The vast range of products carried by GNH India include oncology drugs, orphan drugs, discontinued lines, un-licensed drugs, anti-toxins, immunoglobulin, named patient supplies, branded lines, vaccines, true generics, etc. The company also brings 10 years of experience in clinical trial services which include supplying comparators, innovators, RLDs, newly launched products or registered products from US, EU or other SRA countries for investigation, comparison, bio-studies, BA or BE studies, etc.
Few highlights of GNH India’s works include:

  • Importing Life-Saving Medicine to India – Olaratumab (trade name Lartruvo)
  • Bringing Malaria relief to Yemen’s conflict zone – The consignment contained 1, 20,000 Mefloquine tablets and Primaquine 45mg which were delivered in a record time of 3 weeks from receipt of order
  • The continuous efforts towards providing nonprofit shipment to war-torn African countries like Somalia. In its recent consignment over 89,500 packages of drugs delivered to the country. Basic medicinal aid such as multi-vitamins antibiotics, dietary supplements for infants, Multi-vitamins, minerals and Trace Elements, painkillers, and general anesthetics
  • Successfully trading 3 shipments of medicines worth Rs. 14 million each to Venezuela

You are invited to visit them at their booth in hall number B6, Booth H07; from 10th to 13th of October 2018
For more information, please visit – www.gnhindia.com

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Exhibitor | SmartAssays | Hall B6, booth J-21

Contract Research accelerates the journey from innovative idea to product innovation

How many times companies keep innovative and unconventional ideas for treatment and cure of disease in the drawer in consequence of uncertainty? And how can management and investors decide whether an early project is worth time, effort and further spending for maturation? In addition budget restriction, limited human resources and laboratory capacities do often not allow novel development alongside core business activities.

Contract Research could make a difference here. Given it is tailored to the needs of an individual project and could find unique solutions to yet unsolved problems.

SmartAssays is an Israeli CRO, founded in 2005, that offers something out of the ordinary: Contract Research exactly how and when it is needed. “This means particularly that we do not rely on routines only,” states CEO Raphael Meyer. “We at SmartAssays understand ourselves as original thinkers, who enter into a ‘think tank’ with you developing 100% individual test assays, if needed. This allows for example early stage project validation at limited expenditure, which I like to refer to as ‘scientific due diligence’. But of course we do not only work with spin-outs from universities or small companies without developed R&D divisions – we are also frequently targeted by big pharma clients, who seek highly specialized test assays that cannot be found readily in standard CROs.”

SmartAssays Biotechnologies Ltd. is proud to present its services at expopharm booth J21 in hall B6 and welcomes interested scientists, QA specialists, BD managers, and CEOs to discuss their project ideas and needs with the expert team.

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Exhibitor | Luba | Hall C5, booth D-22

PATCH was born when James Dutton (the founder of Nutricare) noticed that while trying to protect his son’s adventure wounds his skin was in fact reacting badly to a common wound covering and making the wound worse.
This puzzled James and he set off on his mission to find out why. He was shocked to discover that there is an array of chemicals that lurk in the common plasters. He became motivated to find better alternatives when he found that Charlie wasn’t alone with his reactions. His research found that a staggering number of the of the world’s population can’t wear common wound care coverings, which was predicted to be on rise.
The other side of James’ motivations were spurred on by his other son, Xavier, who hates putting creams on his skin. As parents you can get pretty creative with ways to put an anti-septic/anti-bacterial cream on the plaster, but no matter what was tried, Xavier would always know and often tantrums would follow.
Ultimately the wish for a wound care product that wouldn’t cause nasty skin reactions and serve as a way to help heal the wounds was the real reason for PATCH.
PATCH is an incredible natural alternative that won’t confine his sons to the couch when there is still exploring to be done or footy to be played!
Learning that an ever-growing number of the population react or are allergic to the current wound covering solutions only propelled the business to where it is today.
Taking it from just an idea into thousands of stores in Australia and now growing globally since July 2016

We believe that reducing our environmental footprint is the pathway forwards and we strive to make ours as light as possible. This is why we’ve chosen to work with bamboo on this unique product line.
Here’s why we’re excited about bamboo, It’s the latest ‘it’ girl on the el natural scene: Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource that grows many times faster than trees, uses much less water, produces up to 35 more oxygen and doesn’t need pesticides or herbicides!
We take pride in using organic certified components – so you know it’s only the good stuff!

You will find at the Expopharm in Hall C5, booth D-22.
Ober-Eschbacher Str. 37
61352 Bad Homburg v.d.H.
Tel.: +49 (0)6172 94800
Fax: +49 (0)6172 42029

Head of sales:
Garry Robey

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Exhibitor | Chapper | Hall B6, booth J-19

CHAPPER healthcare unveil European expansion at expopharm 2018

CHAPPER healthcare – a leading global wholesaler and distributor – has opened two European hubs as part of its expansion strategy.

Announcing the news ahead of Europe’s leading pharmaceutical exhibition expopharm 2018, the company has introduced warehouses in Belgium and Netherlands to help strengthen its presence across Europe. This now means CHAPPER healthcare can handle products without them entering the UK, reducing the overall time it takes for medicines to get to the end user.

Jonathan Chapper, CEO of CHAPPER healthcare, explains: “This is an extremely important move for us as it gives us greater presence in Europe, where a lot of our key clients are based, helping us service customers’ needs more efficiently. It also helps future proof our business against any forthcoming changes that may occur around Brexit.”

For over 40 years Philip Chapper & Company Ltd, has had a worldwide reputation for successfully sourcing and distributing pharmaceutical products globally. They offer a wide range of high quality products and pride themselves on delivering an ethical and professional service to a broad spectrum of customers including suppliers, healthcare establishments and end users.

Recently rebranded as CHAPPER healthcare, the change of name reflects the wider changes taking place across the organisation. The CHAPPER healthcare team is looking forward to sharing their new branding and expansion plans with long standing partners and customers, as well as with new contacts.

expopharm 2018 will take place from 12 – 13th October 2018 in Munich and throughout the congress, CHAPPER healthcare will be located in Hall B6, Stand J-19. The exhibition is Europe’s key pharmaceutical trade fair, attracting key decision-makers from all sectors of the pharmacy industry.

For more information visit: www.chapperhealthcare.com.  Alternatively, if you would like to organise a meeting with the team at expopharm please email: erica.fearnley@chapperhealthcare.com

About CHAPPER Healthcare

Formerly Philip Chapper & Company Limited, CHAPPER healthcare is a leading global wholesaler and distributor, specialising in importing and exporting pharmaceuticals and medical supplies to markets across the globe.

Established in 1975, the company are experts at sourcing products, consolidating orders and organising shipments, to any destination. Their customers include government ministries, hospitals, clinics, pharmacy chains, health professionals and medical distributors. For more information please visit www.chapperhealthcare.com                                    

Media Contacts

To request an interview with Jonathan Chapper C.E.O please contact Julia Price: DD: +44 (0) 7737 864878 Email: julia@juliaprice.co.uk

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Exhibitor | Dr. Rilling Healthcare | Hall B5, booth E-09

The Institut Dr. Rilling Healthcare GmbH is a company of the Rilling Group based in Pliezhausen, Germany. Dr. med. Siegfried Rilling (died in 2014) was the namesake and founder of additional companies of the Rilling Group. His many years of work and experience as a physician in internal medicine and radiotherapeutics and as a homeopathic physician were incorporated in the developments of the individual companies of the Rilling Group. In his book “Kompendium der Mineralstoffe und Spurenelemente” [Compendium of Minerals and Trace Elements], published in 1993 by the Haug publishing company, he stressed the importance and significance of silica and its interactions with other minerals for the entire organism.

The Dr. Rilling Healthcare products are carefully produced with the highest degree of pharmaceutical quality exclusively with the purest raw materials of natural origin and are free of aluminum. Our products are produced and filled exclusively in Germany.

The human body contains about 20 mg of silica/kg body weight. The amount decreases with increasing age. For humans, silica is essential and it must be ingested with food since the body cannot produce it itself. Silica is traditionally used for building and maintaining healthy skin, connective tissue, hair and nails. It is also presumed that silica plays an essential role in many metabolic processes.

The interaction of silica with other essential minerals and vitamins in the body – such as calcium, magnesium, vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 – was taken into account in the composition of the Dr. Rilling Healthcare nutritional supplements.

The specially developed Dr. Rilling Healthcare SAM (Surface-Activation of Minerals) technology ensures optimal availability as well as supply to deep regions of the intestines. Visit our public lecture “Silica – the building block of life” on Friday, 12.10.2018 at 13:30 in room B51 and learn more about silica, the second most common element of our earth, as the most important building block for the preservation of health. You will find our booth in hall B5, E09.

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Exhibitor | Denk Pharma | Hall B6, booth D-22

This year Denk Pharma has reason to celebrate. We are contributing to our customers’ quality of life for 70 years. Common goals and values have characterized the history of our company. We invite you to visit us at this year’s expopharm, booth D-22 in order to get to know our portfolio and to celebrate our 70th anniversary.

Denk Pharma supplies premium medicine and food supplements in Germany and to more than 80 countries worldwide. Our therapeutic areas include Analgesics, Antiallergics, Antibiotics & Expectorants, Cardiovascular and Metabolic drugs, Respiratory drugs, Oncology drugs and food supplements.
Convince yourself of our guiding principle QUALITY FOR YOUR HEALTH – MADE IN GERMANY.

We are looking forward to presenting our international product portfolio at the most important pharmaceutical trade fair in Europe. Visit Denk Pharma´s booth D-22 in hall B6 from 10th-13th of October 2018 from 9:00 am till 6:00 pm.

Visit us at the expopharm booth D-22 in hall B6.

Denk Pharma GmbH & Co. KG
Marketing department
Prinzregentenstraße 79
81675 Munich

tel. + 49 (0)89 23 00 29-0
fax + 49 (0)89 23 00 29-249
E-Mail: pharma@denkpharma.de

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Exhibitor | BELSANA | Hall B5, booth E-21

Highlights at the expopharm 2018

New: BELSANA impuls
In particular, for your lymphedema and lipedema patients we are pleased to introduce the new flat-knitted generation for edema therapy. The flat-knitted compression stockings are a real innovation! They combine the natural properties of Merino wool with the proven benefits of high-tech microfibers. The extremely fine Merino fibre is a multi-functional wonder of nature: pleasantly soft on the skin and at the same time very robust, durable and dimensionally stable. Cools in summer and warms in winter. Moreover, breathable, moisture regulating and even neutralizes unpleasant odours – the perfect stocking for everyday wear!

BELSANA traveller
Count on the socks for the frequent flyer and the long-distance flyer, which will also give wings to your business. The compression travel socks BELSANA traveller and BELSANA traveller woman combat travel thrombosis and prevent swollen feet and legs. The knee-high socks BELSANA traveller are for women and men ideal in combination with a suit or casual wear. To achieve an elegant appearance in a suit women choose BELSANA traveller woman: the knee-high and thigh-high stockings bring to light with their light sheen and fine transparency a chic business look.

Fashion colours 2018
Compression stockings in amarena, graphite, lilac and blueberry will not only make fashion statements at the expopharm. Also your customers will love the brightly-coloured fahion accessories. The BELSANA team will be present to give inspiring and inspired suggestions for trendy outfits and stylish accessories based on a lookbook with fashion tips by the stylist Jenny.

Take time out for a colourful ice-cream
Cool and tasty: enjoy exclusive ice-cream creations in fashion colour style. Whether fruity or creamy, nobody can resist these cold delicacies. Wednesday to Friday from 14.00.

Putting on compression stockings the easy way
Tips and tricks on how to put on and take off medical compression stockings with little effort will be shown by donning videos at the BELSANA stand. On request, colleagues at the stand will be only too glad to demonstrate in person how to put on stockings with or without a donning aid. Particularly practical: BELSANA magnide, the handy donning aid with innovative 2 in 1technology. For your customers this medical aid is no luxury but will be of great help during everyday life. Donning aids contribute to making patients feel the stockings fit better and they will as a result wear them more regularly. Moreover, they will prevent damage being done to the knitted fabric, thus reducing the number of complaints. Inform yourself at the BELSANA stand about our attractive offers for the donning aid BELSANA magnide, which allows you to save more with each order.

Vein function measured free of charge
In the PTA-Forum live area of our partner EXTRAVERT you can have your veins measured free of charge. A great opportunity to test your own leg health quickly and without pain by means of infrared light. First the veins are drained by doing some foot gymnastics. Then the time needed for blood to refill the vessel is taken. The better the blood circulation, the better vein function is. You also wish to offer your customers this service? We would very pleased to advise you on how to measure veins in the pharmacy.

Competition “PTA of the Year”
It will be especially exciting on 11th October during the final of the PHARMA Private Competition “PTA of the Year”. Join us when all ten finalists from the whole of Germany will demonstrate their in-depth knowledge and competence. BELSANA supports as an official partner the event organized by PHARMA PRIVAT, a collaboration between private Pharma wholesalers in Germany.


You will find at the expopharm in Hall B5, booth E-21.

BELSANA Medical Products
Laubanger 23
96052 Bamberg
Tel 0951/309303-0
Fax 0951/309303-450

Email: infoexport@belsana.de
Web: www.belsana.com

Rainer Kliewe (CEO Marketing & Sales)

Exhibitor | BELSANA | Hall B5, booth E-212018-09-19T12:06:32+02:00