Contract Research accelerates the journey from innovative idea to product innovation

How many times companies keep innovative and unconventional ideas for treatment and cure of disease in the drawer in consequence of uncertainty? And how can management and investors decide whether an early project is worth time, effort and further spending for maturation? In addition budget restriction, limited human resources and laboratory capacities do often not allow novel development alongside core business activities.

Contract Research could make a difference here. Given it is tailored to the needs of an individual project and could find unique solutions to yet unsolved problems.

SmartAssays is an Israeli CRO, founded in 2005, that offers something out of the ordinary: Contract Research exactly how and when it is needed. “This means particularly that we do not rely on routines only,” states CEO Raphael Meyer. “We at SmartAssays understand ourselves as original thinkers, who enter into a ‘think tank’ with you developing 100% individual test assays, if needed. This allows for example early stage project validation at limited expenditure, which I like to refer to as ‘scientific due diligence’. But of course we do not only work with spin-outs from universities or small companies without developed R&D divisions – we are also frequently targeted by big pharma clients, who seek highly specialized test assays that cannot be found readily in standard CROs.”

SmartAssays Biotechnologies Ltd. is proud to present its services at expopharm booth J21 in hall B6 and welcomes interested scientists, QA specialists, BD managers, and CEOs to discuss their project ideas and needs with the expert team.