expopharm 2020 cancellation: It is not possible to hold the pharmaceutical trade fair at the beginning of October whilst ensuring a reasonable level of risk

Eschborn (22nd May 2020) – After close consultation with ABDA (Federal Union of German Associations of Pharmacists), DAV (German Association of Pharmacists) and lots of exhibitors and visitor groups, Avoxa Mediengruppe has decided to cancel expopharm 2020, which was to be held from 7th to 10th October in Munich. Unfortunately, the current situation still does not provide a reliable basis for planning in order to continue hosting expopharm 2020 whilst ensuring a responsible level of risk for everyone who is involved. 

“In order to minimise potential expense and default risks for all market partners and provide planning security, it was important to us to make a responsible decision at an early stage,” said Metin Ergül, Managing Director at Avoxa – Mediengruppe Deutscher Apotheker GmbH. “This decision has been particularly difficult for us because this year’s expopharm, after the restrictions on personal contact brought about thus far by the COVID-19 pandemic, was believed by all market partners to be the ideal communication platform and exhibition opportunity to discuss the current challenges faced by the pharmacy market, present solutions and work together to develop future-ready approaches.”

However, factors which go far beyond the question of the viability of hosting the event from the current perspective were critical in influencing the decision made by Avoxa. In particular, the concerns of the representatives of the professional associations that pharmacists and their employees, as key workers with important roles to play in the pandemic, would be placed at additional risk as a result of participating in a large-scale event need to be taken very seriously. This could potentially place the provision of nationwide care at risk.

“Acting responsibly is the principle behind this difficult decision for us. Due to the uncertainties caused by the pandemic, which we have to assume will continue in the remaining time up to the planned dates for expopharm, it would therefore not be reasonable to continue to hold a large-scale event with over 30,000 participants,” explains Metin Ergül, Managing Director at Avoxa Mediengruppe. “This is because the uncertainty surrounding whether it would be possible to hold expopharm would continue right up to the very last minute for us all.” The discussions held between Avoxa and Messe Munich also brought to light the fact that it is currently not possible to ensure sufficient safety standards to make it viable to host the event under reliable and predictable framework conditions.

“Therefore, we are working together closely with lots of dedicated pharmacists and market partners  to create alternative opportunities for exchange and dialogue. In order to make this possible, a range of new digital formats have already been planned for the coming weeks. Experts will be able to get involved in this as part of a ‘call for ideas’ as early as at the start of June,” comments Madlen Bürge, Trade Fairs and Conferences Division Manager at Avoxa Mediengruppe.

The next expopharm will take place from 22nd to 25th September 2021 in Dusseldorf.

Press contact:

Elmar Esser
E-Mail: presse@avoxa.de

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