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expopharm 2021 in Düsseldorf

Here you will find answers to the most important questions you might have regarding expopharm 2021. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are pleased to help you personally.


Avoxa Mediengruppe does not specify a maximum number of people for stands. The key factor is that the people who are present must be able to maintain a minimum distance of 1.50 metres from each other for social distancing. This distance does not need to be maintained at seats at tables with up to 10 people with special registration. As an aid, it is recommended to provide a freely accessible space of at least four square metres per person. It is, for example, permissible to fall below this size with partition walls etc.

You are responsible for implementing all hygiene and infection protection standards at your stand.

The Research Institute for Exhibition and Live-Communication (R.I.F.E.L.) has collaborated with FAMAB to publish an action recommendation on event safety in the context of COVID-19. This can be accessed on the FAMAB website via this direct link (document in german).

You may use touchscreens at your stand. They should be cleaned regularly at short intervals using a degreasing household cleaning product. You must inform yourself in advance about the suitability of the cleaning product in question for the surfaces using the device descriptions.

Avoxa Mediengruppe recommends that you wear gloves when distributing materials. However, this is not a requirement.

Once an item has been touched, it may not be put back or returned. You must ensure that there are suitable disposal facilities.

If required, you can order disinfectant via the OOS or in the Zirener trade fair shop .

The disinfectant must remain in the container labelled by the manufacturer. Flammable liquids may not be decanted on the trade fair site. The storage quantity for flammable liquids is limited to 0.5 l per square metre of stand space. Avoxa Mediengruppe assumes that such liquids will be present at your stands during the coronavirus pandemic and will not report this. The effectiveness of the disinfectant is specified by the manufacturer (at least limited virucidal effect).

No, the number of disinfectant options at your stand is your responsibility to define and there is no required number.

You are responsible for independent implementation at the exhibition stands. Compliance with measures on the site will be monitored by Avoxa Mediengruppe, Messe Düsseldorf and your service providers.

Avoxa Mediengruppe does not specify a maximum number of people for stands. The key factor is that the people who are present must be able to maintain a minimum distance of 1.50 metres from each other for social distancing. This distance does not need to be maintained at seats at tables with up to 10 people with special registration. You need to take this into consideration from a planning perspective in stand design, zoning and positioning of the exhibitions and presentation space (e.g. LED screens). It is important that social and visit spaces are planned to be of a sufficient size and seating areas and meeting rooms should be designed generously. Should it not be possible to maintain the minimum distance for social distancing in some places, protective hygiene walls must be integrated there. For reception desks and display presentations, the minimum distance to hall aisles must be taken into consideration. Reception desks should be indented by at least 1.50 metres.

Stands comprising multiple floors should have wide stairs or stairs with one-way traffic. Closed meeting rooms or basements of multi-floor stand constructions may only be constructed and operated in an open design or must comply with the regulations of the hygiene and infection protection concept. Rooms which are only used for brief stays of a few people with a maximum of one person using the room at once, e.g. storage rooms, technical rooms, unstaffed cloakrooms, rooms with lockers, are not subject to these conditions and are exempt.

Doors, windows and skylights must be open at all times in walk-in exhibitions.
In principle, you should give preference to using smooth, wipeable surfaces to make regular cleaning easier.

Catering areas and kitchens are to be planned according to the coronavirus protection regulation for the state of NRW for gastronomy. You must be able to present a hygiene concept on request from the regulatory agency (public order office/health office).

You can withdraw your participation after registering a stand provided that you have not yet received notification of admission. This will not be sent before 1 March 2021. Up to this point, we will not invoice you for the participation price for the stand space and the visitor promotion package or the pro-rata energy costs if you withdraw your stand registration.

In the event that expopharm is cancelled by Avoxa – Mediengruppe Deutscher Apotheker GmbH up to three months before the start of the event, no participation fees will be charged for stand spaces or complete stands. Amounts already paid will be refunded by the trade fair organiser.

For services which are arranged between third parties, only the terms agreed between the respective contracting parties shall apply. Avoxa Mediengruppe will not reimburse these costs.

Once you have received notification of admission (this will not be sent before 1 March 2021), you are obliged to pay the participation fee in full.

Due to the event date, which is scheduled in autumn 2021, we are confident that expopharm 2021 will take place. We review official requirements on an ongoing basis and pass on resulting information to our exhibitors and trade fair visitors promptly.

According to the current regulations by the authorities and requirements of Messe Düsseldorf, at the moment a total of 5,500 people are permitted to attend the exhibition areas of expopharm at the same time in compliance with all hygiene measures. Avoxa Mediengruppe will use the entry system in operation to ensure that this maximum number of visitors is not exceeded at any time in order to make sure that it does not place the safety and health of visitors, exhibitors, speakers and service providers at risk.

From time to time third parties try to abuse our brand in criminaly ways. Companys send out offers that appear to be sent out by expopharm. MULPOR Company S.R.L., Costa Rica with the official sender “International Fair Directory” is one of those defrauding companies.

Please do not respond or book the offers made by this company. The services offered do not exist. They are fake.

Although expopharm cannot take place as usual this year, it is our intention to offer you a platform for dialogue and exchange. Therefore, the first expopharm Impuls will take place from 5 – 8.10.20 in a mix of live contributions, connected expert lectures and participant interaction. The program will focus on current topics of practical relevance. Take part in our new digital live event for free!

As usual, the expopharm 2021 will take place in Düsseldorf.

The expopharm 2020 will not be postponed. The next expopharm will take place in Düsseldorf from 22nd to 25th September 2021.

Host of the Deutscher Apothekertag is the ABDA – Federal Union of German Associations of Pharmacists. For further questions, please contact ABDA‘s public relations department.

Bookings are not transferred automatically. Bookings for expopharm 2021 will be possible shortly.

The Avoxa Mediengruppe will not charge for any fees regarding booked stand locations and will abstain from sending invoices for participation.

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