Much more than a just a trade fair!

expopharm offers a lot more than just interesting trade fair stands with new products from the healthcare industry. Innovative formats create new ideas. Lectures, guided tours, workshops and activities you can get involved in make expopharm an unparalleled experience and offer you the opportunity to meet other people and network. That enables all visitors to gain a deeper understanding and an interesting perspective on the future of the pharmaceutical industry.


International meeting point

for business and networking

The international meeting point is where importers and exporters from all over the world gather. In an area comprising 300 m², more than 500 exhibitors from 28 countries and 25,000 visitors from 46 countries all over the world have their say.


Exchange of knowledge and ideas

expopharm is more than just a trade fair. That has become clear this year in Dusseldorf with the use of the new format for the sector/industry meeting of the inspirationLAB.

The main focus, chosen by pharmacists, was on future challenges that pharmacies will face. Customer loyalty, modern team leadership, staff organisation, start-ups and expectations for the new generation of pharmacists were the focal points.

With the Rheinland-Pitch, a competition for young companies, exciting presentations were given by start-ups. This makes the inspirationLAB the perfect place to open your eyes to an interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge, ideas and information in 2021.


This is the beating heart of pharmacy

pharma-world is the pharmaceutical and scientific heart of expopharm. One of the focal points every year is the excellent range of new lectures, covering topics such as dispensing, cannabis, antibiotics, sleep disorders or urinary tract infections, as well as an exclusive exhibition of products relating to the lectures. This enables you to achieve maximum impact with your communications at the lowest possible cost. Thanks to the combination of product presentations and knowledge transfer, you can reach your target group quickly and directly.

Videos of pharma-world

Guided trade fair tours

One source

4 days, 3 trade fair halls, 500 exhibitors and many other relevant topics. To help you stay on track and make sure you see everything you want to, we offer guided tours to help you navigate the fair. These are designed to meet your needs as a pharmacist or pharmacy technician. The tours enable you to obtain first-hand knowledge about the topics that are relevant to your work. An expert guide will show you around the trade fair in a group of about 20 people, stopping to talk to exhibitors who are important to you.

PTA-Forum Live

The most important meeting point for pharmacy technicians at expopharm

The needs and expectations with regard to the consultation quality, as well as the development of expertise which is required of pharmacy technicians, has risen. This is the result of the increased pace in terms of accessible new products, research developments and changes to the  group of patients and their needs. At the stand relating to the Pharmacy Technician Forum Live, you have the opportunity to broaden your knowledge and apply it in fun ways. The Pharmacy Technician Forum Live is the networking and meetup opportunity for pharmacy technicians at expopharm.

Workshops and exhibitor seminars

Let’s take a look at the future

The first intense workshop was held in 2019, as well as the extensive and innovative lecture programme. Here, people worked in small groups to find solutions to specific topics, such as digital customer loyalty, dispensing and medical cannabis. The exhibitor seminars are the perfect way to find out about the latest innovative products and services from the manufacturers themselves.

expopharm Night

Celebrate and chat in one of the city’s best clubs

expopharm night is the most popular event for networking and exchanging information in a relaxed atmosphere. Exhibitors and visitors can enjoy an evening out together in one of the best clubs in the city, which includes drinks, a buffet and live music.

German Pharmacist Day

It all starts here!

On German Pharmacist Day, on the path to the future is paved at a political level. It is THE date for political topics in the German pharmacy sector. Legal frameworks concerning the pharmaceutical industry and the responsibilities associated with being a pharmacist are discussed here.