The Consumer and Digital Future of Pharmacy (englisch)

Donnerstag (26.09.2019) von 12:05 Uhr bis 12:30 Uhr // Halle 1, E-31, Bühne 1


Herr Chris Ellett

Herr Chris Ellett

Transformation Director at Well Pharmacy


Pharmacy in the UK has changed very little for decades. Whilst the world around us embraces new technology and offers consumers a very different type of experience, Pharmacy in the UK is still operating in a very traditional way. However, that is all beginning to change. The National Health Service (NHS) is driving for greater efficiency and is expecting technology to be a significant driver in this. Consumers are expecting pharmacy to live up to the standard and service they are getting from other industries. As part of our journey to deliver the best prescription experience in the UK, Well are leading the way on digital transformation. This presentation will explore the challenges facing UK pharmacy, the changing consumer expectations and our transformation journey at Well.