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expopharm is the key meetup of the year. More than 500 exhibitors will present their new products and services here. In addition, the trade fair ticket includes an outstanding programme with over 130 lectures and 250 events.


expopharm 2021 cancellation: Uncertain situation makes planning and execution of the trade fair impossible

After close consultation with ABDA (Federal Union of German Associations of Pharmacists) as well as its partners, Avoxa – Mediengruppe Deutscher Apotheker has decided to cancel expopharm 2021. Despite massive efforts since October 2020, the current situation makes planning for Europe’s largest pharmaceutical trade fair nearly impossible.

Unfortunately, there are still no reliable official guidelines that would make large events like the expopharm trade fair with 30,000 national and international visitors feasible in autumn. The slow progress in controlling the pandemic makes safe planning impossible. The decision to cancel is very difficult for us. However, the current precarious condition unfortunately prevents safe and successful planning for this year’s expopharm trade fair.

To facilitate the exchange of knowledge and information between pharmacies and their market partners, we will provide innovative ideas and suggestions for the advancement of the pharmacy market through selected topics during the digital ‘expopharm Impuls’ event from 12 to 16 September. For further information please follow this link.

The answers to the most pressing questions can be found in our FAQs.

expopharm will return in 2022 and take place as usual in Munich from 14 to 17 September. 

expopharm for pharmacists

New inspiration for success

expopharm is the key pharmacy meetup of the year. More than 500 exhibitors will present their new products and services here. In addition, the trade fair ticket includes an outstanding programme with over 130 speakers and 250 events. Various types of events are on offer, such as lectures, workshops, guided tours and dialogue meetings, which you can use to learn about current topics. Expand your network by making valuable new contacts with colleagues, potential employees and business partners.

expopharm for pharmacy technicians

There is a special programme of events for pharmacy technicians…

During expopharm from 22nd to 25th of September 2021, an extensive range of talks for pharmacy technicians, for example on prescriptions, cosmetics and consultations, will be on offer. In 2019, there were also pharmacy technician guides serving as direct points of contact at the trade fair for the first time. Most lectures, guided tours, workshops, discussions and seminars are already included in the trade fair ticket for visitors.

expopharm for young pharmacists

Shape the future!

Particular emphasis at expopharm 2019 was placed on students and young pharmacists. In cooperation with the confederation of young pharmaceutical students in Germany (BPhD) there was a programme of lectures and workshops on offer with topics such as exam preparation and career planning. The main focal points were digitalisation, start-ups, branch management and pharmacy management. There will be a wide range of events on offer for young pharmacists in 2021 again.

expopharm for branch managers

The focus is on pharmacy branch managers…

Expectations for branch managers are high: leadership skills, resilience, soft skills and expertise in their field. Managers have an influence on the image of a branch.

In 2019, expopharm focused on the target group of pharmacy branch managers. In 2021, you can expand your knowledge again with pragmatic lectures, workshops and by exchanging information with other branch managers and members of the pharmaceutical industry.

International meeting point

For business and networking

The international meeting point is where importers and exporters from all over the world gather. In an area comprising 300 m², more than 500 exhibitors from 28 countries and 25,000 visitors from 46 countries all over the world have their say.

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